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This year DAI-Labor and GT-ARC of TU Berlin will once again present their research results at CeBIT Eurasia from 11th to 14th September in hall 9, booth 9D-02, in the “Innovation and Future Technology Arena”.


By entering the apartment the lamp switches on automatically, at the same time the little vacuum cleaning robot welcomes you and dinner is already warmed up in the oven. Experience this special guidance through the home of the future from 11th to 14th September in Istanbul at CeBIT Eurasia. The Distributed Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and partner German-Turkish Advanced Research Centre for ICT – both institutes of Technical University Berlin – will present current and exciting research projects, mainly with focus on “Smart Home”.


The partner stand is divided into five rooms. In each area will be presented different exhibits:


Living room


Smart Media Assistant

The Smart Media Assistant is an Internet based multimedia and entertainment platform for home. Beneath personalized TV, communication and information services which allow an interactive media experience, semantic methods customize the content of the services and information for the user and her needs.


Vacuum cleaning robot

In the project “AutoPnP” (Plug & Play for automation systems) software for robot system has been developed which is easy and cost-saving adaptable to different needs. Exemplified this will be demonstrated on our vacuum cleaning robot. The robot is localized and regulated through sensors and is used by planning and executing different actions – in this case its vacuum cleaning.


Health room


Smart Bike + CLOG

Stay fit through exercise: on the screen appears for any city a route for a virtual bicycle tour in 3D that is visualized over “Google Earth”; additional information about places of interest along the tour create the training entertaining. Special functions as for example the information about the speed, pulse, collected activity points and burned calories motivate.



agnes² is a mobile electronic patient folder for tablet PCs which arranges the patient care much more organized and easy. The app is used by patient visits of the “agneszwei”-specialists and was developed in the “KoPrA”-project in cooperation with the AOK.



NutriMe is an application for Android devices, aiming to improve the foodiness. The app analysis and evaluates eaten meals, food habits and physical condition of the user. Thus the app creates an overview about the in a specific time partaken calories, compares them to the target supply and evaluates the food qualitative by dint of the nutrition pyramid.




Smart Nutrition Assistant

What do you cook, if you are not sure, what is in your fridge? You do not need to remember any more if you need a special ingredient for a recipe or the milk expires soon. The Smart Nutrition Assistant knows the food at home and the matching recipes. By cooking he leads step by step through the cooking agenda and knows the nutrition content as well.


Technology Corner



“IOLITE” is characterized through new integrated tools and assistants for health, nutrition and security that support the whole chain of smart home developers, users, installers and providers.



The project “Intermodal Mobility Assistance” is a web based application which recommends the best route to a specific destination. Therefor the system connects means of transportation and alternatives, like bicycles, electric cars or bus and train. The traffic situation is updated in real-time.


Home Office



Androlyzer gives any user insight to the app internal of Android devices. The Android security architecture is very coarse meshed. Some apps use that for compromising user´s privacy and the security of the device. We analyze the app data flow and provide the results.


Cloud Crypt

Cloud Crypt is an application for Android devices that can encrypt and store any file securely. This encryption app works analogous to a strongbox which allows access to confidential files only if the correct password has been entered.



In “AuVeGoS” a framework for autonomous analysis and verification of e-government systems to ensure security, availability and service quality is developed. For this purpose, e-government service architectures are analyzed for vulnerabilities and measures for improvement of the security configuration are implemented.



One of SmartSchool´s goals is to increase student-to-student support and to include parents into the learning process. This way, school related stress can be reduced since an improved communication between all participants can lead to a quicker handling of problems and issues. Besides, teachers benefit from an intelligent system that assists them in planning their lectures and assignments. SmartSchool offers comprehensive support to students, teachers and parents and improves communication and transparency in education. It provides solutions for maximum transfer of knowledge by offering smart indexing and search services while helping to plan and model lessons in more effective ways.


PIA Enterprise

PIA Enterprise is an enterprise search engine that has the goal to assist employees to fulfill their daily information gathering tasks. PIA provides access to content from multiple sources within the enterprise such as intranet, web, databases, mails and user desktops whilst taking into account privacy and user rights. The system provides quick access to information and offers personalized continuous information supply to inform users once new content is available.