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The project “CHARIOT” aims to design and develop a scalable IoT middleware solution that integrates different types of IoT devices, technologies, and stakeholders through open APIs. The three-year project, founded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, started in November 2016.

CHARIOT proposes an IoT middleware framework that aims to address the aforementioned issues to highlight the added value of the holistic networking of IoT. Main challenges are the interoperability of all entities, representation of various actors ranging from simple sensors to complex devices to humans, a logical orchestration of all services, and learning ability for its entities. Furthermore, easy development and deployment of services are additional important aspects to make the system more modular and therefore more adaptable. CHARIOT enables stakeholders to represent various devices, develop efficient and dynamic services, as well as implement novel applications extracting the added value from the holistic networking provided by the IoT middleware.