Container-based resilient Architecture for 5G Campus-Networks

The aim of Cobra-5G is to improve the security and resilience of private 5G infrastructures, especially with regard to the use of predominantly container-based applications across the entire 5G network infrastructure.


5G campus network solutions, also known as private 5G networks, are an emerging and increasingly important market segment for Germany, especially due to the associated implementation of the digitization of key German industries. The complexity of private 5G networks and the need to secure them as critical infrastructure brings with it new challenges that are being tackled from various angles in this project.


The Cobra-5G solution is intended to support the operators of private 5G networks and increase the security and resilience of the overall system. Unforeseeable attacks on the system should not only be detected, but it should also be possible to react to them promptly in order to guarantee the functionality of the network and ensure the security of the overall system – especially with regard to the increasingly heterogeneous infrastructures. In addition, the diversification of 5G components used with Open-RAN continues to progress: components from different manufacturers are integrated into an overall system and cooperate with each other via the corresponding OpenRAN interfaces. Furthermore, network functionalities and applications of the 5G campus networks are either virtualized in virtual machines or rolled out in containers orchestrated across the network. Following this development, it is necessary to place a greater focus on the IT security of container-based architectures.

As part of Cobra-5G, the consortium is building an end-to-end overall system, with the project partners’ solutions being located at different levels: They range from securing the virtualizing 5G server, to increasing the fault tolerance of the orchestration, to the decentralized detection of malfunctions and attacks on the infrastructure as well as the implementation of countermeasures on the overall system.

The focus of GT-ARC’s project contributions in Cobra-5G is on the expansion and operation of the real-world laboratory, which represents the real challenges of the container level in an existing infrastructure for autonomous mobility. A system built according to OpenRAN standards will be set up by GT-ARC as a demonstrator for the project results.


From 01.06.2023 to 30.11.2024


5G Campus Networks, Private 5G Networks, Open RAN, Security of Container-based Networks


Sebastian Peters