Development of an Innovative Healthcare Assistant for Migrants

Main focus is on developing a health care assistant for migrants which consists of a health information service and a prevention service. To conquer linguistic barriers the assistant is available multilingual.


Preventive health care is becoming an increasingly important part of personal care to ensure fitness and health. Besides personal advantages also other parties involved in the health care systems, such as health insurances, can benefit from it. Despite increasing recognition of the importance of preventive services, such services are not used or used as often as recommended. This is especially true for people with a migration background, since linguistic or cultural barriers prevent the usage of such systems. The goal of the GeM project is to break down these barriers and to give assistance for people with a migration background.


In the GeM project an innovative health assistant for migrants will be developed. The assistant consists of two services, the prevention service and the health information service. The prevention service provides easy access to prevention measures; the health information service improves the access to health information. These services are multimodal and context aware and use multilingual, intuitive user interfaces to provide easy access even for users with little technological experience.


From 01.09.2010 to 31.08.2012


Prevention, health care assistant, multilingual, migrants


Dr.-Ing. Andreas Rieger